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I have had the privilege of working with many wonderful musicians and teachers throughout the course of my musical studies, and for that I am extremely grateful. Each of them gave me valuable insights on music making and influenced my playing in one way or another.

John Butt

Malcolm Bilson

Riccardo Cecchetti

Robert Levin

Jacques Ogg

Byron Schenkman

Melvyn Tan

Elisabeth Wright

Andreas Haefliger

Jean-Louis Haguenauer

Marian Hahn

Thomas Hecht

Metro-Foti piano duo

Roberto Plano

Erik Tawaststjerna

Albert Tiu

Poh-Kong Chong

Yong-Hi Moon

Ronan O' Hora

Jacques Rouvier

Mikhail Solovei

Kian-Boon Yeo

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